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Who we are

Syneidis is a fast growing cybersecurity startup. Based in Barcelona, Spain, it has emerged as a model company in data security and privacy. We are an entrepreneurial, experienced, young-spirited team, who works hard to sketch the future of data security. Every day.

Cryptography Specialists

Syneidis is a company with a multidisciplinary human capital. We are cryptographers, developers, designers and business managers.

Agile team

We work under agile methodologies, responding quickly to market demands

Problem Solvers

We are focused on solving the problems and needs of the business in the shortest possible time

International team

Syneidis members have professional experience in Europe, Asia, USA, Switzerland and Latin America.

Our team

Frédéric Thenault, founder of Syneidis S.L., Spanish Cybersecurity company incubated by the European Space Agency, is honored to count on a well-rounded team, such as the former Head of Spanish Cyber Defense, and experts in crypto and security formerly at CERN and Symantec. Frederic has global business experience in finance (including World Bank) and high technology companies in South America, China, Russia, Brazil, Switzerland, and currently based in Spain. If you want more details about our team, please contact us.

Cooperation with Ministry of Presidency

We have the privilege to cooperate with the Ministry of Presidency

Cooperation with National Institute of Cybersecurity

We have the privilege to cooperate with the National Institute of Cybersecurity (INCIBE).

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