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Yes, Christmas is just around the corner! …and this means only one thing: time to buy presents for our loved ones!

It is a fact that the existence of the internet and the evolution of e-commerce has transformed the way we buy presents by making things easier and faster for us. Every time more we all start relying on e-shopping because we acknowledge its benefits, but it is true that there’s still a group of people that still doesn’t trust that much these new shopping methods since they fear or are worried of suffering a scam.

We believe online shopping is great as long as you take into consideration the following cybersecurity advises related to online shopping.


What protective measures should we adopt when purchasing online?


  • Connect to the internet through secure networks, avoiding public Wi-Fi. And always use a proprietary or trusted device.
  • Make online shopping on websites from well-known brands with a good reputation. If it is the first transaction that we are going to carry out with the site, it is convenient to previously review the opinion of other users about that portal.
  • Take the time to review its privacy policy and its conditions for changes and refunds.
  • Do not give more personal data than the indispensable ones. If it is within your reach, it is interesting to be able to use a “virtual keyboard” application, as this way you do not have to worry about whether your computer is infected by spyware.
  • Make sure to manually enter the URL of the site, avoid doing so through links that reach you by email or other means.
  • The websites that manage directly their means of payment are more secured. It is a point in favor, which includes options such as PayPal or similar services. A good option is to pay with virtual cards, which almost all banks can generate.
  • The websites where we enter sensitive data or make the payment, must use a secure certificate. Note that in the URL set https: // and not only http: //.
  • It is also important to double check that you have a transparent order tracking system.
  • Always make sure that your device is up to date and with an antivirus system installed.
  • Analyze their data protection policy and the management they make of cookies.
  • Sign up with a robust password. (Read: 3 tips to create safe passwords and remember them.
  • It is an added value, that they have some recognised seal of quality or security.


Si seguimos estos consejos de ciberseguridad podremos facilitarnos la vida gracias a la tecnología y liberar tiempo para compartir con familia y amigos la ilusión de las fiestas.


Cómo siempre decimos la clave es la prevención!