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Share securely

Send encrypted files to your contact list in secure and easy way

Encrypt your data

Simply drag your files into the Syneidis secure zone to encrypt them. We’ll decrypt files the moment you need to work with them.

Safe contact network

Only the people with whom you share them can open the files

Cloud storage

Our encryption solution works in harmony with Dropbox and Google Drive to sync and share your files.

Private key

End-to-End Security Model & Client-side encryption. Compatible with the collaborative & productivity tools that users already have

Transparent to the user

Zero-knowledge of users’ data. Strong, multiple encryption layers, transparent to the users

Stay secure all the time

Syneidis comes with built-in end-to-end encryption. No need to bother with integrations, encryption is automatic and happens without you noticing it.

User friendly

The application does not require prior knowledge of the user. What facilitates its implementation in work environments

SME Horizon 2017 Program financed by:

Supported by the CDTI

Supported by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities

With the support of ACCIÓ

Featured Partners


Syneidis has been selected by ESA BIC European Space Agency Incubation Program. The European Space Agency provides Syneidis with Space Technology, Experts and Funding, and has recognized Syneidis as an innovative technology company.


Syneidis is composed of a great TEAM including security expert from CERN and Former Army Head of Cyberdefense. Mentors and Advisory Board including: Cybersecurity, Cryptography and IT Business Experts.


Selected by a European-wide Competition among 800 start-ups, providing Syneidis with access to cloud technology, mentors and additional funding.

La Caixa Capital Risc

Caixa Capital Risc is a Spanish Venture Capital Firm based in Barcelona and that is working with Syneidis since 2016.